Cádiz you were a gem

Arriving in Spain in mid-October we were keen to venture to the sea before winter arrived. For that reason our first trip was to the ancient southern-port city of Cádiz. We chose to take a coach, which worked out a little cheaper than the train and took just under 2 hours from Seville. There was a hairy moment when we realised we’d need to run for a taxi to get to the bus station in time – organising six woman can be tricky at times! We booked an Airbnb apartment for the night which happened to be located right in the central square, Plaza San Juan De Dios, a 5 minute walk from the bus and train station.

Plaza San Juan De Dios

I quickly fell for the charm of the city which seems to have a community feel with locals mingling in the different Plaza’s. While we were there a small festival just below our apartment attracted families and we made the most of the comedy performances and live music – Impromptu dancing on the balcony did take place.

Festival for all – Plaza San Juan De Dios and the view from our balcony

The main beach in Cádiz, La Caleta, did not disappoint as it is clean and sandy with plenty of space for sun worshippers. My peely-wally (Scots; pale) skin thanked me for some much needed Vitamin D and a refreshing swim. We also sparked up conversations which is always nice, especially when the men are muy guapo.

Sunbathing and swimming in the sea at the end of October

My first time having Lobster. It is still the best meal I’ve eaten in Spain. Sometimes paying a little extra and following TripAdvisor advice pays off. The restaurant was called El Alijbe, which is just off the main plaza (address; Calle Plocia, 25, 11006, Cádiz).

Lobster Paella – top scran!

Pargue Genovés is a nice green space in the city and offers a good opportunity to sit and eat ice cream. This is a little kitten I found in the park and a passer-by got a piece of plastic out the rubbish bin so we could give it some water. I’m a massive cat lover and wish I could take the little fur ball home.

Always making friends with the feline variety

Before we left we took the opportunity to go up the Torre Tavira, the official watchtower of Cádiz which is somewhat hidden on a side street. This tower is also a camera obscura, although we didn’t hang around until the English guide came. It costs 6 Euros (camera obscura included) and I would say the views were worth it.

view from Torre Tavira

I’d love to return to Cádiz one day. It really is a gem.

I hope to see you again …

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