Córdoba in an afternoon

Our day trip had been planned for the previous weekend but due to too many Cruzcampo’s and the like we aborted plans to leave Seville, and our apartment for that matter. Lesson learned (for now).

With its Cathedral in a Mosque, or is that a Mosque in a Cathedral and its ancient Juderia (Jewish quarter) why had I not heard of this captivating city before? Córdoba takes just 45 minutes to reach from Seville on the fast AVE train therefore makes a perfect day trip. Our lack of Spanish however did make us translate, ‘boarding 20 minutes before departure’ as ‘departing 20 minutes late’, cue a mad dash to catch the train on time.

Being the biggest draw to the city we had the Mosquita or Mosque-Cathedral high up on our to do list, however prior to entering we took a walk along the nearby Roman Bridge which offers lovely views down onto the Guadalquivir river with its many birds, which at first looked like statues, and back across to the Mosquita and old town.

The Roman Bridge of Córdoba – built in the 1st Century

I found the courtyard outside the Mosquita as appealing as the interior with many newlyweds getting their photos taken amongst the palm trees. Nonetheless the Mosquita doesn’t disappoint with its red and white arches which seem to stretch further than you can see. It really is unique with Christianity merging with Islamic influences and architecture.

The Mosquita courtyard
The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba – Fast Fact: The Roman Catholic Church and Vatican have prevented Spanish Muslims from praying here

Córdoba is a city of ‘what was’, it was once the capital of Islamic Spain before seeing a decline in prestige and population following the Catholic Kings reoccupation in 1236.

Calle Cardenal Herrero

The street running to the north of the Mosquita (Calle Cardenal Herrero) has an array of tempting souvenir shops, and we stopped for a cheap tortilla at Bar Santos. Taking a wander through the winding streets is a treat with the Jewish Quarter and its white-washed walls being a personal highlight. There is a very small Synagogue dating from 1315 in Calle de los Judios, which turns out to be one of only three remaining in Spain.


Our trip was a taster of Córdoba, I’d love to return for seconds.

Have you ever been to Córdoba? What’s you favourite day trip in Andalucía?


2 thoughts on “Córdoba in an afternoon

  1. Have not been to Cordoba yet, hope to be there someday.
    It looks like a lot of the Moorish architecture was retained. This is great, cos it would be such a pity if the Spaniards back in the day destroyed them!


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